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Public transport in the district of Schwäbisch Hall

Since 1 January 2000, KreisVerkehr has been the transport association for public transportation in the district of Schwäbisch Hall. The focus of KreisVerkehr is the RegioTarif, a uniform fare for all public transport in the entire district and partly also in neighbouring municipalities.

Since the introduction of the RegioTarif, passengers have been able to switch freely between all modes of public transport and need only one ticket. To calculate the RegioTarif, the district area is divided into zones. The amount of the fare depends on the number of zones traversed.

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Shareholders and board

On 1 January 2002, Verkehrsgemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall (VSH) was replaced by KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH. New partners include the district of Schwäbisch Hall (with a stake of 50 percent) and DB Regio AG.

The supervisory board of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH consists of council members of the political groups as well as representatives of the transport companies involved.

  • The chairman of the board is Mr Gerhard Bauer.
  • The manager of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH is Ms Ingrid Kühnel.
  • Partners of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

    Partners of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

    Landkreis Schwäbisch Hall 50,0%
    Stadtbus Schwäbisch Hall GmbH 17,5%
    Friedrich Müller Omnibusunternehmen GmbH 12,0%
    Röhler Touristik GmbH 12,5%
    DB Regio AG 5,5%
    Hofmann Omnibusverkehr GmbH 1,5%
    StadtBus Crailsheim SBC 1,0%
  • Supervisory boards of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

    Supervisory boards of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

    Gerhard BauerLandrat Landkreis Schwäbisch Hall
    Uta RabeKreisrätin
    Annette SawadeKreisrätin
    Jutta NiemannKreisrätin
    Werner DörrKreisrat
    Daniel BullingerKreisrat
    Andreas SiglochMinisterium für Verkehr Baden-Württemberg
    Manuela TillierDB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH
    Michael DalhofStadtbus Schwäbisch Hall GmbH
    Sabine RöhlerStadtBus Crailsheim GbR SBC
    Ulrich HofmannHofmannn Omnibusverkehr GmbH
    Birgit StoibFriedrich Müller Omnibusunternehmen GmbH
    Peter RöhlerRöhler Touristik GmbH

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Specifications of KreisVerkehr

Specifications of KreisVerkehr (the Murrbahn, the Hohenlohebahn, the Tauberbahn), the roughly 100 bus lines with 240 buses form the core of the public transit in the district of Schwäbisch Hall.

This includes the RufBus (on-call bus),  which provides transport options in the evening, at the weekend, and on public holidays on 19 additional routes. Unlike regular transit, the RufBus (on-call bus) must be ordered in advance. The buses alone travel over 10 million kilometres each year. This corresponds to about 26 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Every year, around 17 million passengers use the transport of KreisVerkehr. The most loyal customers include over 20,000 passengers who hold a monthly or annual pass. More than 12,000 customers who occasionally travel by bus and train are now using the advantages of the KolibriCard.

The bus operators in the district employ more than 300 full-time staff members. KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH employs 11 staff members.

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