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Current traffic information

Transport TRAIN

  • KBS 785: Go-Ahead from 15.12. on the line Stuttgart - Nürnberg (RE90)

    KBS 785: Go-Ahead from 15.12. on the line Stuttgart - Nürnberg (RE90)

    From the change of timetable 15.12.2019 further tendered networks of the state of Baden-Württemberg will be put into operation in the regional train traffic around Stuttgart ("Stuttgarter Netze"). These include the Murr, Hohenlohe and Tauberbahn. In the Remstalbahn (KBS 786) between Stuttgart Hbf and Aalen, connected to the trains between Aalen and Crailsheim, there was already in the current year a change of operator. New operator of the route Stuttgart - Aalen - Crailsheim is Go-Ahead.

    From 15 December, Go-Ahead will also operate trains between Stuttgart and Nuremberg via the Murrbahn (RE90). The DB's double-decker coaches will be replaced by brand-new Talent locomotives from Stadler. Until then, however, there will be a 3-month replacement concept, because the delivery of the new railcar was not timely.

    The Hohenlohe and Tauberbahn will continue to serve the DB Westfrankenbahn. Again, new, but only converted vehicles of the type VT642 will be used. The MetropolExpress trains on the Murrbahn (RB19) will not change. Here, the DB operator remains, and the timetable remains largely unchanged.

    Informations to the company and the current operating situation at Go-Ahead see at and

    Since June 2019, the DB travel center in Crailsheim has been transferred to the new operator Go-Ahead. The opening hours are unchanged: Mon-Fri 8:00 to 12:00, and 13:00 to 18:00, Sat 8:00 to 13:00. From the timetable change, the DB ReiseZentrum at the SHA-Hessental station will now be merging with Go-Ahead. The opening hours in Hessental at the new service center are also largely unchanged: Mon-Fri 7:30 to 12:00, and 13:00 to 18:00, Sat 7:45 to 13:00.

    The service centers of Go-Ahead in Crailsheim and SHA-Hessental offer the following services:
    • Individual advice on and sale of tickets in local and long-distance transport
    • Timetable information
    • processing of issued increased transport fees
    • Consulting in German and English
    • Receipt of subscription applications
    • Receiving travel bookings for groups and persons with reduced mobility
    • Information about lost property
    • Acceptance of complaints
    • Possible payment: cash, debit card, credit card
    • Information about further mobility offers such as Park & Ride

    You can find all further information about Go-Ahead at

  • Information about schedule changes and current disturbances in trains

    Information about schedule changes and current disturbances in trains

    Information on construction works, interruptions in service and schedule changes at DB trains (local and long distance trains), please call 0180 1 629 629 (local rate), or 0180 5 194 195 (14 ct/min. from German landline), in the net and

    Current information on the trains see under this link. Here you can for all DB stations check the traffic situation (arrival and departure times and known defects or schedule changes due to construction), in a period of 120 minutes before departure.

Bus / RufBus area Schwäbisch Hall

  • Parade Horse Market in Gaildorf on February 10th

    Parade Horse Market in Gaildorf on February 10th

    On Monday, 10.02.2020, the annual parade of Horse Market takes place in Gaildorf. As usual, the city center and the hall area are completely blocked for traffic between 12:00 and 18:00 o'clock. The buses can not use the stops "Stadtmitte", "Altes Schloss", "Schulzentrum", "Au Bürkig" and "Bahnhofstraße" during this period.

    Substitute stop for the lines 8, 16, 41, 44, 45 and 46 is the stop "Gaildorf Post", which is served in this period in both directions. Line 43 of Hofmann (north ring) starts and ends at ZOB (at the station), and does not go through the city center of Gaildorf.

    The buses of line 49 (Gaildorf - Obersontheim) stop at the corner Eutendorfer Straße / Schlossstraße and do not drive through the city center either. Courses of the line 49 from / to Gaildorf ZOB drive via Großaltdorf. The buses of line 16 in the direction of Schwäbisch Hall do not stop at "Bahnhofstraße", but if necessary at "Seestraße", in the opposite direction of the existing stop "Seestraße".

    The CityFlitzer of the company Hofmann (line 40) does not ride on Horse Market Monday.

    Experience has shown that before and during the festive parade at the Horse Market on the detours take traffic restrictions place. This means that the bus timetables can not always be met for a minute. The transport companies ask for understanding.

    On Sunday, February 9th, shuttle traffic will again be offered on the north and south ring of the city area from 11:10 a.m., with the last return at 5:30 p.m. (north ring) and 6:00 p.m. (south ring): Timetable shuttle traffic horse market 2020 (PDF).

  • Block Wittighausener Steige indefinitely

    Block Wittighausener Steige indefinitely

    Due to trees threatening to overthrow, the path from Untermünkheim to Wittighausen (K2575) is closed until further notice. This has an impact on the regular services of line 29 and 30 of Röhler. The buses in question can not drive over the platforms and thus Wittighausen of individual courses are not operated. Passengers are asked for their understanding.

  • Full closure Raiffeisenstraße in Ottendorf until December

    Full closure Raiffeisenstraße in Ottendorf until December

    Due to extensive renovation measures, Raiffeisenstraße / K2617 is fully closed in Gaildorf-Ottendorf until the end of the year. Affected are the buses of the line 43 (Hofmann, Nordring) and the call-bus line R43.

    During the blockage the bus traffic is diverted via the Kocherstraße. The stops "Ottendorf Pfarrhaus" and "Ottendorf Bundesstraße" can not be served by the lines 43 and R43. In Kocherstraße, a double-sided alternative stop will be set up at the junction of the Lindenstraße. There are the departure times of the stop "Ottendorf Pfarrhaus".

    Converters from and to line 16 must take a walk of about 300 meters during the construction work, to the regular stop of line 16 on the main road. Pupils are asked to choose the safe footpath via the Lindenstraße and the "Gängele" from and to the school in Ottendorf.

    Passengers are asked to understand the building-related restrictions.

  • New Stopover in Bubenorbis

    New Stopover in Bubenorbis

    Due to construction work in the Haller and Stuttgarter Straße in Mainhardt-Bubenorbis, the bus stop "Bubenorbis Ort" is currently being relocated on both sides. Affected are the buses of the line 20 (Müller) as well as the Rufbuses of the line R20.

    Due to progressing construction work, the replacement station is currently located in Haller Straße, between house 6 and 7. There is a replacement station mast erected on both sides until further notice.

    Passengers are asked to understand the construction-related stops.

Bus / RufBus area Crailsheim

  • Hunting between Alexandersreut and Weipertshofen on January 18th

    Hunting between Alexandersreut and Weipertshofen on January 18th

    On Saturday, January 18th, 2020, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., a movement hunt will take place between Alexandersreut and Weipertshofen. To do this, the K 2643 must be fully blocked for all traffic. This also applies to the line 60 buses from the Müller company.

    From "Ingersheim Bildstraße" the buses take a detour via the B 290 to Stimpfach to "Weipertshofen Church". On the way there, the stops "Stimpfach Friedhof" - "Siglershofen" - "Weipertshofen Kirche" and "Stimpfach Post" are also served 20 minutes earlier. Back on the B 290 to "Ingersheim Bildstrasse".

    The stops "Alexandersreut" and "Weipertshofen Siedlung" will be canceled in both directions this Saturday.

    Passengers are asked to understand the restrictions due to the restrictions.

  • Construction work in Dünsbach, 2nd phase from January 13th

    Construction work in Dünsbach, 2nd phase from January 13th

    Due to construction work, there will be disabilities and relocations of bus stops in the Gerabronner suburb of Dünsbach until the end of 2020. On Monday, January 13th, 2020, the second construction phase begins with the closure of the main road in the area of ​​the intersection towards Kirchberg / Sandelsbronn. This results in the following changes in bus traffic:

    - There is no disability on line 71 on the Morstein - Obersteinach section and back. The buses run on the regular route and the stops are served as usual.

    - Buses 66, 73 and 75 redirect in both directions. Coming from Morstein, the buses turn left towards Leofels at the crossroads into Friedhofstraße. There is a replacement stop there. A replacement stop in Friedhofstrasse in the intersection area will also be set up in the opposite direction.
    From and to Obersteinach the buses go to the regular stops according to line 71.

    Passengers are asked to understand the relocation.

More traffic reports

  • Register call-bus rides online now

    Register call-bus rides online now

    Registration and disposition of call-buses in the Schwäbisch Hall district takes place via the CallCenter of OWL Mobility Consulting in Detmold. The previous number for call-bus 0180 3 - 78 32 87 (9 ct per minute landline, max 42 ct per minute mobile) is still available. However, we recommend, not least for cost reasons, the registration of a call-bus ride via Tel 05231 - 977 771.

    Login times have been extended to 8:00 to 20:00 daily. Even after 20:00 clock the call center is accessible, but then only for questions and the case that a booked call-bus ride can not be started. The deadline for registration is 20:00 pm.

    Since June 2019 it is possible to register call-bus rides online. The same login times apply as for the telephone registration. The registration takes place via a WebApp, which is available via the browser on every PC, SmartPhose etc. and is not installed.

    More informations about call-bus rides: