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The mobility guarantee of KreisVerkehr

In the case of a delay or cancellation, all passengers with a valid subscription card for adults (RegioAbo, RegioFirmenAbo, and Regio60plus) as well as disabled persons (disability certificate including free transit) will have taxi costs up to €35.00 refunded if they would have reached their destination more than 30 minutes later than the time stated in the schedule and no other suitable travel alternative with bus or train was available at the time.

The mobility guarantee can always be invoked if the fault lies with one of the transport companies cooperating in KreisVerkehr. In the case of force majeure (e.g. severe weather, bomb threats, strikes, or suicide) as well as measures such as road closures announced in advance, there will be no compensation. Reimbursement is also excluded if the delay or cancellation is the fault of the passenger.

In order to receive a refund, customers must submit a completed application and the original taxi receipt as well as a subscription number or a copy of a disability certificate with a token. Everything must be submitted to KreisVerkehr within 14 days of the incident. After examination of the claim, the refund will then be transferred to the bank account specified. A cash payment or settlement with the ticket purchase/subscription are excluded.

For all other cards (e.g. monthly school passes, RegioJobTicket, RegioMonat) as well as tickets for occasional services (e.g. single ticket), there will be no refund.

Refund application for mobility guarantee