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Travel information for bus and train

  • Timetable book pages

  • Timetable informations EFA and DB

  • EFA travel information

    This data is transferred to the “Baden-Württemberg” server, which centrally stores the all bus and train timetables in Baden-Württemberg (and in some cases far beyond) and makes it available for the Elektronische Fahrplan Auskunft (electronic schedule information). Nationwide timetables for Deutsche Bahn AG are also stored here.

    We provide a brief example to show you what this means for you.

    1. Click on On-line schedule. You will be directly connected to the Baden-Württemberg server.
    2. Enter the desired starting point and stop e.g. “Schwäbisch Hall” and “Bausparkasse”. Enter your destination e.g. “Stuttgart” and “Central Station”.
    3. Then enter the scheduled date of the journey with an approximate departure time. Submit your data to the server by clicking the “show connection” button.

    After a short time, you will receive a detailed overview of your travel options. You can then select earlier or later travel times, print the information, and begin a new request for the return trip.

    For a particular connection, the “personal timetable” function provides you with possibilities within a time window of two hours for both the outward and return journey. You will receive a PDF file that can be easily printed.

    For more information on use, refer to the “Operating Instructions”. For further information please contact Mr Albrecht via eMail.

  • Telephone Timetable information around the clock

    0800 - 298 27 43

    bwtarif-Kundenservice / free call
    The telephone timetable information for Baden-Württemberg will provide you with information on the departure and arrival times of buses and trains.

    Seven days a week, around the clock

    During the business hours of the various regional transport associations, your call will be usually be forwarded to a help desk. Callers from Schwäbisch Hall will be the customer centre of KreisVerkehr. At peak times, as well as to all other times (evenings, weekends), you will be connected to the nationwide public transport call centre.

  • Personal timetable on-line information

    “Personal timetable” on-line information


    Entry of the start and destination station, the weekday and a time window of max. two hours for the outward and return journey. Current edition in PDF format (approx. 20 seconds); created via the regional timetable information for Baden-Württemberg.

    Requesting a personal timetable from KreisVerkehr

    Please note:

    • Start and/or destination must be within the district of Schwäbisch Hall.
    • Processing time is about 1–3 working days (depending on the workload of the customer centre).
    • A response will be given via email, possibly as a PDF file.
    • Current information can be obtained via the EFA or phone (see above).
    • To the “personal timetable” request form