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Freilandmuseum Wackershofen

From a stately farmhouse to houses of craftsmen to the cottages of labourers, from the mill to wine farmhouses to the station buildings, and from the school house to the chapel to the prison and more, the 70 historic buildings range from the 16th to the 20th century. Further information at

Our tip:

With the day tickets of the KreisVerkehr, you receive a reduced admission to the Hohenloher Freilandmuseum in Wackershofen.

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Cooperation with teilAuto (share a car)

New mobility concept – your benefits

Start taking advantage of our new mobility concept immediately! The combination of public transport and car sharing provides convenient, environmentally friendly, and affordable transport in Schwäbisch Hall and beyond.

Your benefits:

  • 10% discount on the regular subscription rates of KreisVerkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH
  • Four weeks CarSharing introductory promotion with reduced deposit
  • teilAuto locations with access to public transport
  • The right car for every need: from small cars to vans
  • Free choice of transport – drive yourself today and be chauffeured around tomorrow

More information and the locations of teilAuto vehicles can be obtained from the KreisVerkehr Customer Center Schwäbisch Hall or online at:

teilAuto Schwäbisch Hall e.V.
Phone 0791 - 499 37 62

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Community projects of transport companies

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CityFlitzer Gaildorf

Quick Direct In city beat

More information can be found on the homepage of Hofmann Omnibusverkehr or here:

TestCard for new residents

Explore the district with the TestCard.

Since April of 2015, those who move house within the district of Schwäbisch Hall or who have recently moved to the district will receive a special introductory offer for public transport in all communities. With the “TestCard”, which is distributed to all new citizens when they register at the town hall of their respective municipalities, citizens can test buses and trains throughout the network area of ​​KreisVerkehr free of charge for two weeks.

With the TestCard, weekend excursions to the Freilandmuseum in Wackershofen, the daily commute to work or school, or shopping trips to the city centre are all possible.

“In the past months, people have been making frequent use of the TestCard”, says Ingrid Kühnel, Director of KreisVerkehr. “We especially want to show new citizens who need to re-orient themselves in a new environment that many trips are possible without a car and that public transport is an easy and convenient alternative”. The first TestCard customers have already opted for public transport and now continue to make use of an annual subscription or a KolibriCard.

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