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Mobility network

Intelligent combination of bus & train with other choices of mobility

First of all, the intelligent combination of different means of transportation isn't competition to each other, but rather cooperates together and consolidates the network. Mobile networked stands for a flexible choice for means of transportation and to combine them in an intelligent way. There are many different mobility possibilities in the district of Schwäbisch Hall to be „all around mobile with the KreisVerkehr“.

Bus & Train

The railroad lines (Murrbahn, Hohenlohebahn, Tauberbahn) and around 100 bus lines with it's 240 buses together represent the core of the local public transport in the county Schwäbisch Hall.


You can access the zone plans, the time tables and travel information on our website.

RufBus (on-call Bus)

As a complement to the existing bus routes within the district of Schwäbisch Hall, the RufBus (on-call bus) offers additional travel options in the evening, at the weekend, and on holidays. On Friday and Saturday evenings – for the RufBus line R66N even Mon–Fri – late connections from Crailsheim, Schwäbisch Hall, and Gaildorf offered in almost all municipalities and boroughs.

The RufBus (on-call bus) runs on a fixed timetable and only calls at stops upon request. Anyone wishing to use the RufBus (on-call bus) must sign up for it during a certain time (daily from 7.00-22.00 o'clock) and at least one hour before the intended time of departure (Application at 0 52 31 - 977 771). If there are no registrations, the corresponding trip does not take place. When registering, state your name, the number of persons, the desired day of travel, the departure time, your boarding point, and the desired destination. The booking centre will then confirm your registration and take care of everything else.

The fare corresponds to the regular RegioTarif i.e. RegioAbos, monthly passes, day tickets, and the Schülerkreisticket (SKT) are recognised.

RufBus-routes, line plan and other information


There are 12 local taxi corporations within the district of Schwäbisch Hall.

Summary of all local taxi corporations and their phone numbers (PDF)

Some of them even offer large capacity taxi's for up to 8 persons. Generally taxi's wait for you at the stations SHA-Hessental, Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim during the train operating hours.



Rental Bus

Plenty bus corporations offer buses for rental in the district, e.g. for club- and business excursions, school classes, hikes and other group trips. The offer reaches from vehicles for 20 persons up to vehicles for 80 persons and more. Similar to an taxi ride you can decide the day and time of depature and the desired destination. The local transport - and bus corporations will gladly make you a offer.

The rental bus for groups can be an easy and cost-efficient alternative, especially at the evening, in the night or at the weekend when the regular transport with big busses is replaced with a few small busses and the RufBus (on-call bus).The taxi corporations can often supply large capacity taxis (up to 8 persons) at short notice for smaller groups. Also an alternative when bus and Rufbus (on-call bus) offers dont fit.


teilAuto e.V. in Schwäbisch Hall: If you dont need a car frequently, teilAuto e.V. is, besides the local public transport, a great mobility concept which is cheaper as if you have to buy a car and pay the maintenance costs:
The combination of local public transport and CarSharing enables comfortable, eco-friendly and reasonably priced mobility within the district of Schwäbisch Hall and beyond its borders. We grant teilAuto members 10% discount on our regular subscription prices.

Information about teilAuto and an utilisation contract are available at our KundenCenter in Schwäbisch Hall. Also you can participate in a trial month and decide afterwards if you want to hold on to the contract or end it.

Detailed information on teilAuto e.V., prices and its utilisation conditions at

FORD CarSharing in Crailsheim: Automobil-Forum-Stegmaier Crailsheim offers CarSharing in Crailsheim. Cars are available for booking at the ZOB and the train station. Easy recording, booking, unlocking the car with your personal customer card, return and payment per bill. You can find more information and prices to FORD CarSharing in Crailsheim at


The bicycle is an ideal supplement for the local public transportation. There are bicycle tracks to nearly every bus stop and train station in the district of Schwäbisch Hall. Storing positions (partly roofed) are available at almost every train station and at the ZOB in Schwäbisch Hall.

Bicycle entrainment inside the KreisVerkehr is free and without off-time when using local traffic of DB or Go-Ahead trains (RB, RE). Kreisverkehr buses convey your bicycle against payment of the children fare only at the weekend.

Good to know: Yearly-subscription (RegioAbo), TageskartePlusCity and TageskartePlusNetz frame conditions determine bicycle rules, it's allowed to take a bicycle with you on weekends instead of a person. On principle, buses can only take bicycles with them when the bus offers enough free space. Passengers with baby buggy or wheel chair hold priority in either case.

Furthermore: The cities Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim joined the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fahrradfreundlicher Kommunen in Baden-Württemberg (AGFK-BW) e. V. to intensify the promotion of bike traffic. The AGFK-BW e. V is an association of 40 communes, which has the goal to promote bike traffic in the county systematically and to establish a bicycle culture. More information at

Radroutenplaner: There is a free offer for cyclists in Baden-Württemberg available at It includes over 40.000 km bike track data for the everyday life and the spare time. The countrywide Radroutenplaner should make the bike country Baden-Württemberg even more attractive. It's helpful when cyclists are looking for suitable everyday routes for their way to work or simply some bike tracks for the spare time. More Information on the Radroutenplaner and links to the app (both for iTunes and Google Play Store) at

Within walking distance

The most important destinations in the city centre of Gaildorf, Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim can easily be accessed by foot within a few minutes. Bus stops and train stations are also located within walking distance.