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Schedule changes and additions

Please note:

These changes reflect changes over the state of the annual timetable 2019 of the roundabout (valid from 9 December 2018) and are partly not yet been implemented in the EFA-System.

Last update status: September 3rd, 2019
Last updates: changes at lines of company Müller from September 11th.

The annual timetable 2019 in PDF format to download and printout including all changes can be found here.

In addition to the lines and rates published in the timetable, there are additional patrol cars in the school transport at Stadtbus Schwäbisch Hall and at the Company Röhler. The patrol cars does not constitute a regular schedule listing and, depending on school supplies (movable holidays, changed school timetabels, etc.) go differently or be altered during the year. For more information, please contact the transport companies.

Changes current year timetable 2019

Changes to the FMO lines (Müller) from 11.09.2019 - beginning of the school year
- new timetable PDFs are available -

Line 12 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

In connection with changes in the line 13 to Ellwangen drive at line 12 changed three courses:
- Course 011 on school days starts again at 5:53 am in Bühlertann am Kirchplatz, and then leaves at 5:58 am from Obersontheim Apotheke (instead of 6:24 am), 5:59 am from Obersontheim Kärcher, 6:02 am Hausen diversion, as well as new at 6:06 clock from Vellberg branch book and 6:08 clock from Vellberg Kreuzacker. The arrival in Hessental at the dairy is already at 6:16 am, at the BSH 6:20 am, and new arrivals 6:22 am at the Holzmarkt and 6:28 am at the ZOB in Schwäbisch Hall.
- Course 015 on school and vacation days leaves 11 minutes earlier, i. 6:07 am from Geifertshofen, 6:10 am from Bühlerzell Fischerplatz, 6.18 am from Bühlertann Kirchplatz, 6:22 am from Obersontheim Pharmacy and 6:32 am from Sulzdorf Dammstraße. The bus arrives at the dairy in Hessental at 6:39 am and has a new connection to the SHA-Hessental train station, on school days at 6:46 pm on line 18, on holidays at 6:45 am on line 17. Arriving at the central bus station Schwäbisch Hall is already at 6:55.
- Course 018 on school days will start in the future at 6:56 am at the ZOB in Schwäbisch Hall (since then 7:07 am) and will serve all stops 11 minutes earlier. Thus, the connection to the earlier departure of the line 13 to Ellwangen in Bühlertann at the school is still reached.

Line 12A (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 511, DiMiDoFr on school days, leaves 6 minutes earlier (7:02 instead of 7:08 from Buhlerzell Kammerstatt).
- Course 515, Mon on school days, leaves 6 minutes earlier (7:07 instead of 7:13 from Buhlerzell Kammerstatt).
- Course 550, DiDo on school days, leaves without Bühlerzell Holenstein (no students).
- Course 555, MoMiFr on school days, runs without Holenstein, and additionally Bühlerzell Röhmen if required.

Line 13 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 030 on school days leaves 12 minutes earlier, i. 7:38 clock from Buhlertann school (instead of 7:50 clock), with arrival 8:08 clock at the ZOB in Ellwangen and connection there to the RB at 8:11 clock to Aalen and Stuttgart Hbf.
- Course 034 on school days starts again at 12:22 from Bühlertann Schule to Ellwangen and reaches the ZOB at 12:55, with connection to the RB 1:11 pm to Aalen and Stuttgart Hbf. Since then the course started from Rosenberg.
- Course 027 starts on school days 10 minutes later in Ellwangen at the ZOB (11:50 instead of 11:40 clock) and arrives again at 12:22 clock in Buhlertann at the school. Since then, this course has already ended in Rosenberg.

Line 23A (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 320, new ride Thursday on school days for the afternoon classes of the Schmerachschule.
- Course 322, drive only on Monday to Wednesday and Friday on school days (Do = new course 320).

Line 58 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 200 starts again in Hilpertsweiler instead of in Feuchtwangen and additionally serves Haselhof Straßenfeld 6:41 am and 6:49 am Crailsheim Stadium. The departure times at the other stops are up to 4 minutes earlier.
- Course 822 on school days starts again in Feuchtwangen instead of in Leukershausen and runs a little earlier: 6:55 from Feuchtwangen Mooswiese, 6:57 clock from Industriestraße, 7:00 clock from Sommerau, 7:04 clock from Hilpertsweiler, 7:05 clock from Haundorf, 7:09 am from Leukershausen (instead of 7:14 am), 7:11 am from Haselhof Straßenfeld and 7:11 am from Mariäkappel Krone. Arrival Crailsheim Stadium 7:19 am, Leonhard Sachs School 7:21 am and Crailsheim School Center 7:25 am.
- New course 823 at 7:30 am on school days from Crailsheim Schönebürgstraße to Feuchtwangen, arrival there at 7:51 am at the Mooswiese. Intermediate stops: Crailsheim Stadium 7:31 am, Mariäkappel Krone 7:36 am, Haselhof to the exit, Leukershausen 7:38 am, Hilpertsweiler 7:43 am, Sommerau 7:45 am, Feuchtwangen Industriestraße 7:49 am.

Line 59A (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Courses 230 and 330 are omitted (return from kindergarten).
- Course 234, the journey Wildenstein kindergarten is omitted.
- Course 236 ends at 1:36 pm in Wildenstein at the town hall instead of the kindergarten.
- Course 336, the approach Wildenstein Town Hall canceled due to circulation, start 14:59 clock Wildenstein branch Lautenbach.
- Course 403, Ride starts at 7:01 am at the station Unterdeufstetten Post.
- Course 311, Arrival Wildenstein Kindergarten canceled (no demand).
- Course 313, kindergarten trip during the holidays is canceled (no demand).
- Course 223, kindergarten trip on school and vacation days canceled (no demand).
- Course 333 also serves as an exit to the stop Wildenstein Promenadenweg.
- Course 239 no longer drives because of fallen kindergarten children on Wildenstein and served in addition Matzenbach Talblick-Neuhaus-Hahnenmühle and book mill. From Krettenbach 3 minutes earlier. Gunzach only when needed to exit.

Line 61 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 143 on school days at 13:17 from Crailsheim LMG also serves 13:21 Onolzheim Mitte and 13:27 Gründelhardt Crailsheimer Straße. From Stetten or Unterspeltach the bus leaves 3 minutes later, arrival 13:49 clock in Rosenberg.
- Course 162 also runs 3 minutes later due to circulation, 14:04 from Honhardt Post (instead of 14:01).

Line 61A (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 210 on school days starts again at 7:00 am in Mistlau as a minibus and leaves at 7:02 am via Osshalden Ort, 7:04 am Schüttberg branch Wegses, 7:10 am Ofenbach Ort, and 7:13 am Westgartshausen branch. There is at 7:19 clock connection to the bus to Ingersheim school.

Line 62 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 103 runs 2 minutes earlier due to the circulation, 6:11 clock from Gründelhardt Post (instead of 6:13 clock).
- Courses 106 and 108 run from Obersontheim Fa. Kärcher 2 minutes earlier (6:21 instead of 6:23 clock) and serve at 6:42 clock in Oberspeltach the kindergarten in addition.
- Course 141 runs again on Oberspeltach, Waldbuch and Spaichbühl. The stops Gründelhardt Crailsheimer Straße and Rathaus omitted. From Gründelhardt Post four minutes later, arrival Obersontheim Fa. Kärcher at 13:45.
- Course 158 runs 7 minutes later due to the circulation, Obersontheim Fa. Kärcher Departure 13:50 clock (instead of 13:43 clock), arrival Crailsheim ZOB at 14:19 clock.

Line 62A (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 309 runs because of connection recording in Gründelhardt Post by bus from Crailsheim (line 62 via Oberspeltach) 5 minutes later, say 13:34 clock instead of 13:29 clock.
- Course 341 runs because of connection recording in Honhardt Post from the bus line 61 from Crailsheim 3 minutes later, say 13:35 clock instead of 13:32 clock.

Line 70 (Müller) - timetable changes from 11.09.2019

- Course 311 reverses due to circulation 2 minutes earlier, say 5:56 from Stimpfach school instead of 5:58.

Further changes:

line 20 (Müller) - change of timetable from 1.08.2019

In connection with operator changes and changes to the 20A line, line 20 will need to be adjusted for circulation. Furthermore, the departure and arrival times at the central bus station in Schwäbisch Hall will be optimized so that the connections to and from the Schwäbisch Hall city bus will be better.

See the following at

Linie 20A / 380 VVS (RBS, new operator OVR Omnibus-Verkehr Ruoff) -
change of timetable from 1.08.2019

See the following at

Linie 21 / 372 VVS (Eisemann) - change of timetable from 1.08.2019

See the following at

line 32 (Röhler) - change of timetable

Since 20.03.2019 the first stop at the stop "Michelfeld Bürkhofstraße" will be served only for the exit. The approach at the stop "Michelfeld Bürkhofstraße" to drive in the direction of Hall or Waldenburg is always in the direction of the main road.

line 59 (Müller) - timetable corrections and chances

Course 132 now also serves at 7:07 clock stop "Bergbronn Dinkelsbühler Straße" in the direction of Crailsheim. The stops "Osshalden", "Mistlau" and "Schüttberg Abzweig Wegses" no longer served by this course (since published on line 61A).

Course 162 at 13:12 on vacation days from Unterdeufstetten Schule is completely eliminated. Instead, there is a course 268 with departure at 13:25 on vacation days from Dinkelsbühl ZOB Schwedenwiese, to Crailsheim central bus station with the following departure times: 13:28 Dinkelsbühl Gymnasium, 13:30 Segringen Abzw., 13:31 Hardhof, 13:33 Oberhard Abzw., 13:34 Buckenweiler Abzw., 13:36 Oberdeufstetten Abzw., 13:38 Unterdeufstetten Post, 13:39 Unterdeufstetten Marktstraße, 13:41 Matzenbach Grüner Baum, 13:42 Matzenbach Kirchplatz, 13:43 Matzenbach Wildensteiner Straße, 13:45 Wildenstein Abzw. Lautenbach, 13:46 Wildenstein Rathaus, 13:47 Wildenstein Rößle, 13:49 Völkermühle Abzw., 13:50 Wäldershub Bergbronner Straße, 13:51 Neustädtlein Abzw., 13:54 Bergbronn Dinkelsbühler Straße, 13:57 Neuhaus, 13:59 Westgartshausen Abzw., 14:01 Wittau Hauptstraße, 14:02 Crailsheim Wittauer Straße, 14:03 Crailsheim Dr.-Bareilles-Straße, 14:04 Ellwanger Straße, 14:05 Klinikum, 14:06 Karlstraße, 14:07 Wilhelmstraße, arrival 14:12 Crailsheim ZOB.

The courses on Sundays and public holidays (each 3x back and forth) do not run on 25.12., 26.12. and 01.01. Due to technical reasons, this correction can no longer be done on timetable in PDF.

For the courses 5249 161 and 243 (11:01 am and 3:01 pm on holidays), the stop "Wildenstein, branch Lautenbach" is canceled in the direction of Dinkelsbühl.

line 61A (Müller) - timetable changes

Course 5249 132 of line 59 no longer serves the stops "Oßhalden", "Mistlau" and "Schüttberg Abzweig Wegses". Course 5247 210 (minibus) now serves the stops 6:44 am Mistlau, 6:46 am Osshalden, 6:48 am Schüttberg Abzweigung and 6:55 am Bergbronn Dinkelsbüher Straße. At the Dinkelsbühler Straße in Bergbronn there is connection to course 132 of the line 59 to Crailsheim, which additionally stops there at 7:07 am.

line 62 (Müller) - timetable changes after printing timetable book

Course 410 at 7:39 am from Altenmünster Hochhaus leaves on Saturday morning 5 minutes earlier, because the connection course of the line 59 drives already at 7:40 clock from Crailsheim central bus station to Dinkelsbühl. New departures at 7:34 am Altenmünster Hochhaus, 7:35 am Altenmünster Jägerhaus, and arrival at 7:39 am at ZOB.

Drive 439 at 14:15 from Crailsheim ZOB on Saturday afternoon also leaves 5 minutes later.

Call-bus line R20 - timetable changes from 1.08.2019

In connection with changes in the travel times of line 20, times must also be changed in the call-bus line R20. Affected are the courses 982 and 984, which now make 4 minutes later at both the Gasthaus Adler in Michelfeld and in Bubenorbis the connection to the line 20.

On Friday evening the course 925 is extended back to Gailsbach, and the call-bus also serves the stops in Gailsbach, Geißelhardt, Lachweiler and Ziegelbronn if required. The change takes place in Michelfeld on the line 20 instead. The connection via Mainhardt from minibus do not work anymore.

Trains KBS 785 (DB) - Changes since 11.06.2019 between Murrhardt - Gaildorf

The state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (NVBW) and the DB Regio have since 11.06.2019 at short notice made minor corrections to individual trains in Gaildorf. In the morning, a crossing from Fichtenberg to Gaildorf was moved. This affects trains RE 19955, RB 17550 and RB 17571:

Murrhardt 6:22 -> 6:21 am
Fornsbach 6:27 -> 6:25 am
Fichtenberg 6:36 -> 6:29 am
Gaildorf West arrival 6:41 -> 6:35 am

Gaildorf West departure 6:31 -> 6:37 am
Fichtenberg 6:35 -> 6:41 am
Fornsbach 6:45 am without changes
Murrhardt arrival 6:48 -> 6:49 am
Sulzbach Murr arrival 6:53 -> 6:55 am

Fornsbach 5:19 -> 5:18 pm
Fichtenberg 5:23 -> 5:22 pm
Gaildorf West arrival 5:27 -> 5:25 pm

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Betriebsaufnahme Go-Ahead Stuttgart - Aalen - Crailsheim ab 9. Juni

Am 9.06.2019 geht die erste Stufe der neu ausgeschriebenen Netze des Landes Baden-Württemberg im Regionalzugverkehr um Stuttgart ("Stuttgarter Netze") in Betrieb. Mit dabei die Remstalbahn (KBS 786) zwischen Stuttgart Hbf und Aalen, verbunden mit den Zügen zwischen Aalen und Crailsheim, die dann von Crailsheim bis Stuttgart durchgehend verkehren. Von und in Richtung Ulm muss zukünftig in Aalen umgestiegen werden, auf Züge der Hohenzollerischen Landesbahn (SWEG).

Neue Betreiberin der Strecke Stuttgart - Aalen - Crailsheim wird Go-Ahead sein, die DB Regio wird diese Strecke im Nahverkehr nicht mehr bedienen. Bei den IC-Zügen im Fernverkehr gibt es keine Änderungen. Beachten Sie den neuen Fahrplan Remsbahn, gültig ab 9.06.2019 (PDF, 401 kByte).

Die Fahrzeiten der Züge zwischen Crailsheim und Aalen ändern sich im neuen Fahrplan nur minimal im Minutenbereich. Go-Ahead wird fabrikneue Fahrzeuge einsetzen, die den Fahrkomfort erhöhen. Einige Halte auf der Strecke werden nur bei Bedarf bedient: Schrezheim, Schwabsberg und Hofen bei Aalen. Bei Bedarf zum Aussteigen bei den genannten Halten zukünftig die Haltewunschtaste im Zug drücken.

Bei den Fahrpreisen und Ticketangeboten wird im Wesentlichen alles unverändert bleiben. Mit Start der neuen Züge auf der Remsbahn wird ab 9.06.2019 auch das ReiseZentrum der DB in Crailsheim an den neuen Betreiber Go-Ahead übergehen. Die Öffnungszeiten bleiben unverändert: Mo-Fr 8:00 bis 12:00, 13:00 bis 18:00 Uhr, Sa 8:00 bis 13:00 Uhr.

Das ServiceCenter von Go-Ahead wird in Crailsheim folgende Leistungen anbieten:
• Individuelle Beratung zu und Verkauf von Fahrkarten im Nahverkehr und Fernverkehr
• Fahrplanauskünfte
• Bearbeitung von ausgestellten erhöhten Beförderungsentgelten
• Beratung in Deutsch und Englisch
• Entgegennahme von Abo-Anträgen
• Entgegennahme von Reiseanmeldungen für Gruppen und mobilitätseingeschränkte Personen
• Auskunft zu Fundsachen
• Annahme von Beschwerden
• Mögliche Bezahlung: Bargeld, Debitkarte, Kreditkarte
• Informationen über weiterführende Mobilitätsangebote wie und Park & Ride

Zwei weitere Stufen bei den "Stuttgarter Netzen" werden im Dezember 2019 und Juni 2020 folgen. Ab Dezember wird dann auch die Strecke Stuttgart - SHA-Hessental - Nürnberg von Go-Ahead betrieben, ebenso geht dann auch das DB-ReiseZentrum am Bahnhof SHA-Hessental an Go-Ahead über.

Alle weiteren Informationen zu Go-Ahead finden Sie unter