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Schedule changes and additions

Please note:

These changes reflect changes over the state of the annual timetable 2019 of the roundabout (valid from 9 December 2018) and are partly not yet been implemented in the EFA-System.

Last update status: January 3rd, 2019
Last updates: chances at lines 59 and 62.

The annual timetable 2019 in PDF format to download and printout including all changes can be found here.

In addition to the lines and rates published in the timetable, there are additional patrol cars in the school transport at Stadtbus Schwäbisch Hall and at the Company Röhler. The patrol cars does not constitute a regular schedule listing and, depending on school supplies (movable holidays, changed school timetabels, etc.) go differently or be altered during the year. For more information, please contact the transport companies.

Changes current year timetable 2019

line 32 (Röhler) - change of timetable

Since 20.03.2019 the first stop at the stop "Michelfeld Bürkhofstraße" will be served only for the exit. The approach at the stop "Michelfeld Bürkhofstraße" to drive in the direction of Hall or Waldenburg is always in the direction of the main road.

line 59 (Müller) - timetable corrections and chances

Course 132 now also serves at 7:07 clock stop "Bergbronn Dinkelsbühler Straße" in the direction of Crailsheim. The stops "Osshalden", "Mistlau" and "Schüttberg Abzweig Wegses" no longer served by this course (since published on line 61A).

Course 162 at 13:12 on vacation days from Unterdeufstetten Schule is completely eliminated. Instead, there is a course 268 with departure at 13:25 on vacation days from Dinkelsbühl ZOB Schwedenwiese, to Crailsheim central bus station with the following departure times: 13:28 Dinkelsbühl Gymnasium, 13:30 Segringen Abzw., 13:31 Hardhof, 13:33 Oberhard Abzw., 13:34 Buckenweiler Abzw., 13:36 Oberdeufstetten Abzw., 13:38 Unterdeufstetten Post, 13:39 Unterdeufstetten Marktstraße, 13:41 Matzenbach Grüner Baum, 13:42 Matzenbach Kirchplatz, 13:43 Matzenbach Wildensteiner Straße, 13:45 Wildenstein Abzw. Lautenbach, 13:46 Wildenstein Rathaus, 13:47 Wildenstein Rößle, 13:49 Völkermühle Abzw., 13:50 Wäldershub Bergbronner Straße, 13:51 Neustädtlein Abzw., 13:54 Bergbronn Dinkelsbühler Straße, 13:57 Neuhaus, 13:59 Westgartshausen Abzw., 14:01 Wittau Hauptstraße, 14:02 Crailsheim Wittauer Straße, 14:03 Crailsheim Dr.-Bareilles-Straße, 14:04 Ellwanger Straße, 14:05 Klinikum, 14:06 Karlstraße, 14:07 Wilhelmstraße, arrival 14:12 Crailsheim ZOB.

The courses on Sundays and public holidays (each 3x back and forth) do not run on 25.12., 26.12. and 01.01. Due to technical reasons, this correction can no longer be done on timetable in PDF.

For the courses 5249 161 and 243 (11:01 am and 3:01 pm on holidays), the stop "Wildenstein, branch Lautenbach" is canceled in the direction of Dinkelsbühl.

line 61A (Müller) - timetable changes

Course 5249 132 of line 59 no longer serves the stops "Oßhalden", "Mistlau" and "Schüttberg Abzweig Wegses". Course 5247 210 (minibus) now serves the stops 6:44 am Mistlau, 6:46 am Osshalden, 6:48 am Schüttberg Abzweigung and 6:55 am Bergbronn Dinkelsbüher Straße. At the Dinkelsbühler Straße in Bergbronn there is connection to course 132 of the line 59 to Crailsheim, which additionally stops there at 7:07 am.

line 62 (Müller) - timetable changes after printing timetable book

Course 410 at 7:39 am from Altenmünster Hochhaus leaves on Saturday morning 5 minutes earlier, because the connection course of the line 59 drives already at 7:40 clock from Crailsheim central bus station to Dinkelsbühl. New departures at 7:34 am Altenmünster Hochhaus, 7:35 am Altenmünster Jägerhaus, and arrival at 7:39 am at ZOB.

Drive 439 at 14:15 from Crailsheim ZOB on Saturday afternoon also leaves 5 minutes later.

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