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BEV-Tauberbahn every hour until midnight

From 8 p.m. buses now supplement the Tauberbahn every 1 hour

Auf der linken Seite sieht man einen Bus, der die Scheinwerfer an hat. Auf der rechten Seite, sieht man das Logo von "bwegt".

Since the timetable change in December 2019, the offer along the Tauberbahn has been significantly expanded. During the week there are now two additional train pairs in the morning, which means there is an hourly offer for stops in Satteldorf, Wallhausen, Rot am See, Blaufelden and Schrozberg. The state of Baden-Württemberg also orders an additional bus service along the Tauberbahn every day from 8 p.m., 365 days a year until midnight, every 1 hour. District Administrator Gerhard Bauer is very pleased with this innovation in public transport, which brings a clear improvement in the offer along the Tauberbahn in leisure traffic.

On weekends and on public holidays, the trains will continue to operate every two hours during the day. Newly converted, fast-moving and largely barrier-free vehicles of the DB Westfrankenbahn (type VT642) are now used for all connections. The additional school train from Blaufelden to Crailsheim in the morning was dropped. This was replaced by a double traction of the train in the regular driving situation, arrival in Crailsheim at 7:20 a.m., with enough time to change to the buses to the school center, or alternatively to walk there.

The timetable of the BEV buses (BEV = BusErgänzungsVerkehr) provides for daily departures in Crailsheim at 20:35 / 21:35 / 22:35 / 23:35, each with a connection from the direction of Stuttgart via the Murr- and Remsbahn , In the opposite direction, the BEV buses start at 20:43 / 21:43 / 22:43 / 23:30 h from Schrozberg ZOB and run daily to Crailsheim. There is a connection to the trains towards Stuttgart. In the BEV buses, both the network tariff and the DB and bw tariff apply. Compound tickets can be bought on the bus, DB and bwtarif tickets can only be bought at the machines at the train stations and on the Internet or via an app on your mobile phone.

The BEV buses also run on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, and free bike transport (max. 2 bikes per bus) is possible on all days. Furthermore, there is free WiFi in the buses, and if the trains are delayed, the buses wait up to 10 minutes. The BEV buses can be found as route 88c in the 2020 annual timetable of the KreisVerkehr.

From February 2020 there will be further BEV traffic from Schrozberg to Lauda (line 88b), as well as from Lauda to Wertheim (line 88a). The trains of the Tauberbahn will operate under the new line names "RE87 Crailsheim - Aschaffenburg" and "RB88 Crailsheim - Wertheim".

In connection with the new BEV connections, courses on the RufBus lines R55 and R65N have also been adapted. The departure time of the RufBus R65N on Friday and Saturday was set at 11:30 p.m. from Crailsheim ZOB, also with a train connection from Stuttgart and Heilbronn. Call buses on the R65N line from Crailsheim end in Michelbach / Lücke. The sub-municipalities of Rot am See, Blaufelden and Schrozberg will still be served by the RufBus, but now with a change from the BEV bus at the train stations Rot am See, Blaufelden and Schrozberg. This can reduce the number of RufBus vehicles used.

The BEV buses leave Crailsheim from platform 1. There are intermediate stops to Schrozberg not only at the train stations, but also in Crailsheim at the town hall, at the school center, at the Bosch company, as well as in Satteldorf at the railway bridge and at the town hall, in Wallhausen at the town hall, in Rot am See at the school or at the town hall, as well as in Blaufelden at the town hall and in Schrozberg at the cemetery (the latter stop towards Schrozberg ZOB only for getting out, in the opposite direction also for entry).

For some time now, the RufBusse can also be booked online at The KreisVerkehr will be happy to answer any further questions on Tel. 0791 - 970 100, the contracted transport company Röhler Touristik on Tel. 0791 - 950 080, and the customer center of the StadtBus Crailsheim on Tel. 07951 - 97 940.

Take advantage of the new offer with which the state of Baden-Württemberg is creating an alternative to the car for rural areas in public transport. Exp. From mid-2020 there will be two new regional bus lines in the Schwäbisch Hall district with the participation of the state and the district, namely from Bühlertann - Obersontheim - Vellberg to SHA-Hessental station, and from Gerabronn - Kirchberg to Crailsheim train station. Both regional bus lines will also run every hour of the year, from early in the morning until late at night, and will be coordinated with the Murr and Hohenlohebahn trains from / towards Stuttgart and Heilbronn.